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Types of Real Estate Auctions

Day of Sale 


On auction day, we will attempt to conduct the auction in an environment that ensures the greatest bidder participation.

Immediately prior to the auction, our staff will register all bidders and verify their deposits.  Bidders will then have an opportunity to inspect the property.  Next, the auctioneer will assemble the bidders and read the Terms of Sale. Then bidding begins.
When the gavel falls, the high bid will most likely represent the fair market value of the property.  If the high bid exceeds the reserve price, the property will be sold for the high bid.  If the bid does not exceed the reserve price, you will have the option to accept or reject the bid.

After Your Auction

After the auction, we will follow up with the buyer and the title company to coordinate closing.  We will also continue to keep you informed of new developments to ensure a quick and smooth closing.



bidder participation. 


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