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Real Estate Auction Advertising Details

Auction Advertising Details
Advertising is the only fee you will pay to sell your property.  We do not make a profit on your advertising fee.  Each dollar is accounted for.

Creative Public Relations

Sometimes, the most effective advertising is free!  For example, when the Sputnik research vessel was decommissioned and brought down from space, Taco Bell enjoyed free publicity that would have cost millions.  They floated a target in the Indian Ocean, and promised that if any part of the satellite hit the target, every person in America would receive one free taco.

Your property may also have a unique and newsworthy story.  Was it ever inhabited or owned by a famous person?  Is it unique or somehow special?  Is it tied to the community, historic, or a hated eyesore?  Depending on your story, free publicity may be the best – and least expensive – way to promote the sale.

Investment Clubs and Networking Groups

Unlike any other regional auction firm, Auction Brokers is tapped into the local and regional real estate investment network through its sister companies Investors United School of Real Estate and The Maryland Real Estate Exchange.


Conventional advertising can only go so far, so your Auction Associate may also invest time making “warm calls” to promote your property.  Opposed to “cold calls,” warm calls are calls to prospects who have a probability of being interested in your property.


Before the auction date, Auction Brokers will place auction signs on your property along with directional arrows, where permissible.

Our research shows that at least 80% of people who attend an auction saw the signs first.  Auction signs create interest and “a frenzy” in the marketplace, putting everyone’s attention on your property.

Direct Mailing

Prior to auction, we may prepare a professionally designed mailer for your property.  We will send the mailer to the target audience we identify as being the most probable purchasers.  Often, buyers come from the immediate area, so we may also mail to neighbors.

Property Information Packets (PIPs)

A Property Information Packet (PIP) is a detailed prospectus or brochure about your property that will be distributed to people who request details about your property.  PIPs include such information as:
•    Auction Terms and Conditions
•    Property Description
•    Photographs
•    Maps, etc.

Newspaper Advertising – (Local, Regional, and/or National)

Real Estate is typically a local product, but multi-family and commercial property, warehouses, waterfront, marinas, and other such property may call for a more regional or national approach.  Auction Brokers will recommend the most appropriate local, regional, and/or national newspaper publications to generate maximum exposure and enthusiasm.

Radio & Television Advertising – (Local, Regional, and/or National)

In some cases, it is beneficial to supplement our marketing efforts with radio and/or television advertising.  We only recommended this in unique situations.

World-Wide Internet Advertising

Internet advertising has the ability to expose your property to millions of buyers worldwide for virtually no cost.  Besides being posted on, your property will be advertised on many other real estate related websites.

E-mail Broadcasting

Today, people use the Internet on a daily basis.  We regularly e-mail buyers who have registered to receive notices of upcoming auction events. 

Broker Participation

Real estate brokers are invited to bring their buyers to your auction.  We encourage broker participation by offering a broker participation fee.  Brokers are often attracted to the auction method because of the timeliness and surety of a sale on auction day.  Real estate auctions are one of the rare occasions when brokers can predict when they will get paid!

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