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Over 58.6 Billion Dollars in real estate was sold last year using the Auction Method of marketing. The reason for this tremendous increase in the popularity of this method of selling is because the sale is predictable, there are NO contingencies on financing, inspection or approvals, NO commission and property is always sold in "AS IS" condition. Sellers have full control of the auction price, they have the right to accept or reject the offer if it is below the reserve.

Using the Auction Method of selling real estate gives the seller the freedom to move on with their personal and business life, no need to wait months for an offer to be presented. Selling at Auction is the FASTEST way to get to the CASH and put it to work.

Look at the hidden cost of listing real estate conventionally. As real estate increases, so does the amount needed to pay in commissions. The commission is figured on the sales price of your property, not the equity. Therefore selling a property for $200,000 and after paying off a $150,000 mortgage would leave $50,000 in equity. At 7% commission or $14,000 comes from the equity, leaving $36,000. This situation represents 28% commission off of the equity. So, the commission may be stated at 7%, but the real damage is 28% from the equity balance.

Understanding these few facts is one of the biggest reason to avoid paying real estate commission. This is why using the auction method of marketing is so attractive.

Let us give you an analysis of how much you will net, how fast you will sell and how effective the auction method of marketing is.

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